The Lenco L-3810 turntable is for vinyl fans and aspiring DJs alike

An affordable record deck for all seasons

Lenco L-3810
(Image credit: Lenco)

Lenco has announced a versatile vinyl deck that offers a whole stack of features, but at a very reasonable price point.

The Lenco L-3810 can be used as a home record spinner or full DJ turntable, with pitch controls build into the chassis and a fresh, clean design.

Available in a grey or white finish, it runs on a direct drive mechanism and sports anti-skating technology, along with a mechanical arm and large start/stop button for quick access.

The headshell is removable while the cartridge that comes preinstalled is the Audio Technica 3600. We have experience with that cartridge ourselves, and it provides an accurate and warm response. It is also easy to replace down the line should you feel the need.

Lenco L-3810

(Image credit: Lenco)

The Lenco also features a USB port to connect the deck to a PC or Mac. That way you can record your singles and albums to digital formats, if you prefer the unique sound signature afforded by vinyl pressings.

There is a switchable phono pre-amplifier built in too, giving you the option to connect it directly to a speaker system or the line input of a separate amp. There are stereo RCA ports on the rear.

You can also choose to bypass the pre-amp.

The platter is made of aluminium and you get a transparent dust cover, to boot. Measurements are 151 x 450 x 365mm.

The Lenco L-3810 turntable will be available from March 2024, priced at £279 / €329 / $499 / AUD $499. You'll be able to buy it from Lenco itself and via "selected retailers".

Lenco ranges a number of other vinyl decks, including retro models inside carry cases, plus models with Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers. There are variants for all manner of budgets and is a good brand to consider if you want to get into collecting records but without as much of an initial outlay.

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