The Halo Season 2 trailer makes the first season look like a pilot

Could be the making of Paramount+

Halo TV series - season 2
(Image credit: Paramount+)

Paramount+ has released the trailer for the second season of the Halo TV series and, if it's anything to go by, we're about to get something far closer to the game. Certainly, we expect a whole lot more action, as Master Chief and his elite troop of Spartans take on the Covenant.

The first season received 70% on Rotten Tomatoes from the critics, even less from viewers, so it's hoped that Halo Season 2 will be better received. The first look trailer certainly shows promise.

Paramount's streaming service really needs a big blockbuster that isn't Star Trek or Yellowstone to elevate it to the same level as the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV+. The fact that its app is now available on Xbox – the spiritual home of Halo – will help too.

Halo Season 2 will be available on the platform from 8 February 2024. In all fairness, like the second season of House of the Dragon, it is likely to benefit from being the first to be filmed and completed outside of the constraints of the pandemic.

That's not to say it won't stray from gaming tropes – something that some have bemoaned about the series so far – but it looks to be more epic in scale. Oh, and the Halo is actually in it. That'll help.

What is Paramount+?

Paramount+ is a long-established streaming service in the US but perhaps less so in the UK and Europe. That's maybe because, unlike the States, there's currently only one payment tier, which only offers 1080p streaming and 5.1 audio.

That's set to change, though. A new premium, 4K tier has recently rolled out to several additional regions and could be coming to the UK too.

It'll cost a bit more, but Paramount+ Premium will enable up to 4K HDR (Dolby Vision) video and Dolby Atmos extended surround sound.

One of the first countries to get Premium outside of the States is Australia, where it is priced at AU$13.99 per month, or AU$124.99 for a year's subscription. That's roughly £7.25 and £65 respectively.

A Paramount+ subscription in the UK currently costs £6.99 per month.

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