The DeskCycle 2: the answer to your sedentary woes

A device that can burn hundreds of calories without you ever needing to leave your seat

(Image credit: DeskCycle)

Are you mostly desk-bound and looking to increase your activity and improve your fitness, but in a way that won’t make a dent in your back pocket or interrupt your lifestyle? It’s possible with the DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Exercise Bike – a device that allows you to hit two birds with one stone. 

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, we’ve strived for more and better automation to increase productivity – with the main focus being on physical tasks. As a result, our lifestyles have become more sedentary over time, and with that came a unique set of health repercussions. 

This is where the DeskCycle 2 comes in. Today's best standing desks let you stand to work, but this device takes things several steps further: it's a fitness machine that is designed to combat the effects of inactivity, and it fits snugly under your desk so you can mindlessly pedal away while you complete those pesky tasks. 

Not only is it useful for work, it can be used whenever you’re sitting down – whether it be on your phone, watching TV or playing video games – you can still get your exercise in, making it one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment around. 

(Image credit: DeskCycle)

On this pedaling-contraption are eight resistance levels (over twice the resistance range of the average pedal exerciser) ranging from ‘very easy’ to ‘more than you need’, so if you want more of a challenge, you can certainly up the ante.

This model is the upgraded version of the original DeskCycle which now includes an adjustable leg, a larger LCD 6-function display and a snazzy new logo. It also has the ability to change the pedal height to give you more desk clearance.

It's worth noting that the DeskCycle 2 will comfortably fit under desks as low as 27-inches, however if you’re over 5’10” (lucky you), you will most likely need a taller desk so you don’t hit your knees. 

You can grab this marvellous invention through Amazon, where it’s currently selling for AU$299. While an almost-AU$300 price-tag wouldn't be considered cheap, it’s a relatively low-cost investment that would give you a worthwhile return.