The Cadillac Escalade IQ isn't just pretty, its range beats Tesla hands-down

This will undoubtedly be one of the most popular EVs when it gets released

The Cadillac Escalade IQ in silver, infront of a building
(Image credit: Cadillac)

When it comes to buying one of the best EVs, range is a really important consideration. It's the ultimate indicator of just how far you'll be able to travel before you need to stop and re-juice – and with charging taking longer than topping up a fuel tank, that's crucial.

That's part of the reason why Tesla is so popular. Their cars offer staggering range, with options well in excess of 300 miles. It's become the yardstick by which all electric vehicles are measured.

Now, a new vehicle has been announced – and it blows the Tesla range out of the water! That's the Cadillac Escalade IQ, an all-electric version of the popular SUV which is expected to be released in 2025.

The headline feature here is the whopping 450 mile range. That outstrips the Top-spec Tesla models on offer by around 75 miles – no bad feat!

It's far from the only great feature, though. In the cockpit, a 55-inch display runs across the length of the dashboard. That's powered by a host of Snapdragon processors, and features Google Services built-in. That means you'll get native Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play.

A third row of seats can be raised to carry more passengers, or folded flat for extra storage. Plus, with a tinted, full-glass roof spanning the first and second rows, you'll have a fantastic view from all areas of the car.

Should you choose to include the Executive Second Row Seating package, you'll get a host of added benefits. You'll find stowable tray tables, 12.6-inch personal screens, a rear command screen in the centre, wireless charging pads, USB-C and HDMI ports, massaging seats and speakers set into the headrest.

You'll also upgrade the audio system to a 40-speaker AKG Studio Reference audio system – up from 19 in the standard package. It really is the ultimate luxury passenger experience.

Personally, I'm really excited by this. The car is jam packed with tech, which should satisfy and far exceed the needs of modern day passengers. It also has a fantastic range, which should help drivers with range anxiety to feel more confident.

It's also absolutely stunning. Seriously, just look at it. SUVs can so often miss the mark in terms of design, but this has absolutely nailed it.

Prices start from $130,000. That's no small change, but it's certainly not out of line with the rest of the EV market, either. And when you're looking at this level of luxury, it seems like a perfectly reasonable ask.

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