The best gear for winter cycling: lights, jackets, hi-vis kit and more

Laying out the kit you need, so you can take back the time to enjoy it

You’re on the hunt for the right gear to suit the situation and don’t have the time to spend trawling the internet. Fear not T3 is here.

This guide will offer you the best of the best, the cream of the crop, so you know what to buy for what you need - no matter what it is.

This week it’s all about bringing you the best gear to keep you safe and warm while cycling through the cold winter months. We don’t just mean lights so you can be seen but clothing that’s both cosy and waterproof enough to get you through any conditions. Having the right gear will make cycling easier this winter and gives you one less excuse not to get out there and keep healthy this chilly season.

Best cycling lights

Bicycle front lights are essential in the dark, despite what some London cyclists seem to believe. Now the clocks have gone back, it's dark at about 3pm in the UK. Meanwhile, the streets are both thick with traffic and trafficked by the thick.

British law states that cyclists using the road after dark must have a white front light and a rear red light if they are to avoid a stern word from the local Bobby, but it is also just common sense. Especially as today's LED lights allow more brilliant illumination, for longer, at lower cost than old-fashioned bulb lights.

Best waterproof jackets

If you're heading to the hills in spring, summer, autumn or winter in the UK, getting the best waterproof jacket is key (let's face it, it's going to rain), which is why T3 has collected the top lightweight men's coats money can buy.

Purchasing a good hard shell which will stand up to the rigour of a day's worth of rain isn't as straightforward as it might seem.

Best cycling clothes for winter rain

Many a cycle-owning gent now has a selection of Lycra outfits amongst his PE kit, and there's nothing wrong with that, so long as it co-ordinates, and you have the physique and/or the gumption to pull it off. The same body fat percentage as a locust is advisable.

Obviously, mismatched bargain bin bits will no longer pass muster, but fear not: with stylish ex-pros lining up to design cool clobber and ever more technical fabrics, you've no excuse to not look the business on your bike, especially in summer, when everyone looks, ahem, 'sexier'.

Best road bikes for easier riding

Road bike technology has improved at such a rate that previously out of reach carbon speed machines and pro-spec peloton-punishers are now available at entry-level prices.

Ok, so £2,000 is not pocket change, and even so, these sub-£2k bikes won't be mobbing the Giro d'Italia anytime soon, but most of them do have direct lineage to their seriously expensive siblings.