The best Amazon Echo Spot Black Friday deals

Compact, well designed, and with all the video cleverness of the Echo Show, you’d be silly not to take a look at these superb Amazon Echo Spot Black Friday deals

Amazon Echo Spot deals Black Friday
(Image credit: Amazon)

Small yet perfectly formed, the Amazon Echo Spot takes the top features from the Echo Dot and the Echo Show to create the ultimate AI device. In fact, critics are calling it ‘the best-looking Amazon Echo product out there’, so definitely don’t miss out on these amazing Amazon Echo Spot Black Friday deals. 

The kitchen table, the coffee table, the bedside table, or even your desk at work, the Amazon Echo Spot looks at home anywhere. And although it may look like a glorified alarm clock or, indeed, a home hub device, we’re pleased to say that it’s capable of so much more. 

The ability to play videos is the Echo Spot’s star feature – and not just YouTube videos, too. Why not use it to take video calls? And smart home lovers can use it to display doorbell cam footage, or even connect it to a baby monitor to keep watch over little ones. 

Aside from videos, you can also use it to play music, display messages, and take commands (thanks, Alexa). And of course you can use it as an alarm clock – part of the fun is choosing from its range of snazzy clock faces!

 The best Amazon Echo Spot Black Friday deals 

Amazon Echo Spot Black Friday Deals

(Image credit: Amazon)

The Amazon Echo Spot’s sleek, compact design and smart circular screen make it one of the pricier models in the Echo range, so why not take full advantage of these Black Friday deals? 

Amazon has recently made some great updates to its Echo range, so why not explore our dedicated Amazon Echo deals page to see what other bargains you can get your hands on. 

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