The Apple Watch could get a sensor upgrade which weightlifters will love

It should make it even more accurate for tracking certain workouts

Apple Watch Ultra running WatchOS 10
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While the Apple Watch is an insanely popular piece of tech, it's not always revered for being as innovative as it could be. While updates happen yearly, they tend to be incremental, rather than total redesigns.

For example, the Apple Watch Series 9 is expected to replace the Apple Watch Series 8 in a few months time. However, based on the rumours we've heard it's unlikely to be a big departure from the watch we already know.

That may not always be the case, though. According to recent rumours, Apple are working on a new sensor for a future model, which would dramatically improve the quality of tracking data for strength workouts.

At the moment, while the watch can track this kind of activity, it doesn't scan for the most useful data in the process. Things like heart rate and active calories aren't the best representation of the intensity of a resistance-based workout.

Instead, they're said to be working on a strain gauge. That converts things like torque and pressure into an electrical signal, which can then be measured by the sensor. That would allow users taking part in resistance activities to gain more accurate data about their workout.

There's currently no confirmation of when this will become available. Apple have recently begun searching for appropriately qualified individuals, presumably for their research and development team.

In that case, it's possible we're still several years away from seeing the feature employed on devices. Still, it's a positive sign. One of the core reasons for picking up a smartwatch is to keep track of your daily activity, and this would make a significant difference to those engaging in weight training.

That same type of sensor has also been shown to allow blood pressure monitoring. That's been rumoured for a while now, and could add a second layer to the benefits of the sensor when it reaches the market.

For now, though, we'll just have to wait and see what new goodies the Apple Watch Series 9 brings. That's expected to launch in September, alongside devices like the iPhone 15

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