That new, larger iMac is said to have an even bigger display than previously thought

How the mighty have risen again

Apple iMac 24-inch review
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We recently heard that Apple is developing a larger screen iMac again, having overturned a decision to limit the series to 24-inches going forward. But, it seems the previous report slightly downplayed the new machine's size.

It was stated that the bigger Apple iMac will be a 30-inch model, but a new claim suggests that it will, in fact, be 32-inches.

To be fair, this adjustment also comes from renowned Apple expert Mark Gurman, who revealed the existence of new model in the first place. And, he originally said that the screen size would be "30-inches or more", so it's just a clarification. However, it's great news for those lamenting the loss of the 27-inch iMac in the company's lineup - they'll get it back and more besides.

We just don't know when.

The new iMac is said to be in the early development phase and therefore not likely to appear during the next refresh. That is said to be for the 24-inch version only, to bring it up to date with M3 Apple silicon. You'll have to wait a bit longer, it seems.

Why did Apple ditch the iMac 27-inch in the first place?

When Apple introduced its Mac Studio desktop computer and Studio Display monitor, it announced that the 27-inch iMac was to be discontinued - citing the separates as a better solution for larger screen Mac use.

On top of that, it's a commonly-held belief that the latest MacBook Pro (even MacBook Air) are more than capable of driving an entire desktop experience. The M2 Pro and Max MacBook Pro models can drive two 4K monitors simultaneously, after all.

Even the Mac Mini makes for a great alternative.

However, customer enthusiasm for a larger iMac has never truly waned, no matter the other options, and it has seemingly sent Apple back to the drawing board.

Hopefully, this will result in a 32-inch iMac to be unveiled in late 2024. If not, we should see something in early 2025.

If you can't wait though, the new Apple iMac 24-inch model with M3 processing is claimed to be coming in early 2024. Or you could just plump for the current version - it's still a favourite round these parts.

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