Apple's changed its mind on a new iMac again

Report claims a larger-display iMac is back on the cards

Apple iMac 24-inch review
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Apple has been back and forth on whether to expand its iMac range - according to the persistent rumours, at least. And, after it revealed last year that it was discontinuing the 27-inch model, it was understood that it was leaving larger screen Mac use to the Mac mini or Mac Studio matched with a capable display.

There seems to have been a change of heart though, with renowned Apple tipster Mark Gurman now claiming that the bigger iMac is returning. And, it might even have a screen size upgrade, to boot.

He claims that the company is working on an iMac with a display that's 30-inches or more. That'll put the 27-inch Intel edition to shame.

What do we know about a 30-inch iMac?

Sadly, Gurman doesn't share many more details in the latest edition of his Power On newsletter. He just understands that the new desktop computer is being developed: "The company is also conducting early work on an iMac with a screen over 30 inches, I’m told," he wrote.

That means it's unlikely to be announced this year. However, he also claims that there could be two 24-inch iMacs unveiled instead - codenamed J433 and J434.

Apple originally decided to kill off the 27-inch iMac when it introduced its first model with its own silicon inside. It said that, should a user want a larger-screen option, they could get the same effect with Apple separates. It pointed to the then newly-released Mac Studio and Studio Display.

But, the call for a 27-inch model has remained strong - not least because buying a separate monitor and desktop Mac cost a lot more than the price of the last all-in-one alternative.

Now, if Gurman is right, it seems that Apple has been listening. And, by upping the screen size further, it might even find a new audience. After all, Apple has always been about simplicity, especially in design, and what's more simple that a single device solution?

Not everyone agrees, but I'll be happy to see the return of a larger iMac - possible one with an M3 Pro or M3 Max chipset inside. I won't be holding my breath quite yet though.

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