Tech Today: Google Music MP3 downloads, Xbox 720 set for CES

Plus: Android activations pass huge landmark, another iPhone battery patch incoming?

The big news on Wednesday evening say Google unveil its MP3 download store, while reports claim we'll get out first look at the Xbox 720 in less than two months. There's also news from Android and Samsung.

Google Music comes of age, but not to the UK...yet
Google took the Beta tag of its Google Music service at an event in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening. The company announced an 13-million strong MP3 download store, which will provide iTunes-esque 320Kbps tracks. There's strong integration with Google+, allowing people to share their purchased music with their Circles for free. The cloud storage option will remain free for all. Unfortunately there's no news on a UK launch.
Link: BBC

Xbox 720 set for CES unveiling?
T3's sister publication, the gaming magazine Edge, reckons Microsoft will unleash the Xbox 720 at the CES show in January ahead of a late 2012 release. Referencing a source from Ubisoft Montreal, Edge says Microsoft is hard at work preparing a surprise launch. The games developer is reportedly working on 'target boxes' kitted-out with the 720's specs. Big news if true
Link: EDGE

Another iPhone battery software patch incoming?
Reports emanating from Germany suggest Apple is preparing another software update to conquer ongoing issues with battery drain for some iPhone users running iOS 5. Apple confirmed earlier this week that it was continuing to look into the problem after the 5.0.1 update failed to resolve the issue for many users. Reports say iOS 5.0.2 will come with a new fix within a week.
Link: AppleInsider

Google has activated 200 million Android phones
Google is activating 550,000 Android handsets a day as it surges past the 200,000,000 total activations mark. The company revealed the figure at its Google Music launch event in LA on Wednesday. The figure has doubled since last May.
Link: Gizmodo

Samsung alters Galaxy Tab 10.1 to conquer German ruling
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is back on the shelves in Das Varterland after the Korean giant made some amends following a court injunction obtained by Apple blocking its sale. However, it's not entirely sure the changes that have been made to satisfy a court that it no longer infringes on Apple's patents.
Link: Engadget

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