T3.com is hiring a new Tech Channel Editor – apply now

If you've ever wanted to join the T3.com team then its time to act, as we're hiring a new Tech Channel Editor

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T3's daily mission is to hunt out and showcase the very best products available to help our readers live a better, smarter life. We want to cover beautiful, innovative and quality products that spark joy and, as such, we only write about only the best tech, home and lifestyle products.

And now you can do that too as part of the T3.com team, as we're recruiting for a new Tech Channel Editor.

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As detailed in the official role description, the T3.com Tech Channel Editor needs to be someone who can write and commission helpful content that precisely matches a reader’s needs.

That means you’ll be able to identify, through industry knowledge and use of data, the consumer technology products and subjects that improve our readers’ lives, and then produce engaging, authoritative content on those topics. You’ll be able to provide the right amount of knowledge without getting caught in pointless details, and you’ll provide it in a clear, entertaining way.

We’re looking for someone with passion and expertise in consumer technology who knows what to recommend and when – tailoring advice depending on the time of year and what people will be looking for.

It's a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about consumer technology and has established experience in online journalism to really grow T3.com as a brand and their position at Future, one of the most successful specialist media companies in the world.

To learn more about the Tech Channel Editor role be sure to check out its official job listing now.


(Image credit: Future)
Paul Douglas
Global Digital Editorial Strategy Director, Future

Paul Douglas is Global Digital Editorial Strategy Director at Future and has worked in publishing for over 25 years. He worked in print for over 10 years on various computing titles including .net magazine and the Official Windows Magazine before moving to TechRadar.com in 2008, eventually becoming Global Editor-in-Chief for the brand, overseeing teams in the US, UK and Australia. Following that, Paul has been Global Editor-in-Chief of BikeRadar and T3 (not at the same time) and later Content Director working on T3, TechRadar and Tom's Guide. In 2021, Paul also worked on the launches of FitandWell.com and PetsRadar.