T3 Quick Hit: Vaux speaker makes your Amazon Echo Dot wireless and better sounding

Carry Alexa around the house and make your music louder, for less than 50 quid

The curiously-named Ninety7 Vaux is the first battery-powered portable speaker designed specifically for Amazon's Echo Dot home assistant.

We love the Dot here at T3 Towers. All the power of Alexa at an ultra-affordable price - what's not to love? So we're bang happy to see that brands are starting to roll out accessories just for it, to address its obvious lack of decibels (it's designed to be either a near-silent assistant, or to be plugged into an external speaker). 

Your Dot plugs in via standard 3.5mm and micro USB connectors, and sits at the top of the Vaux. Then, whether you're listening to music or an audio book, or asking Alexa questions, the Vaux enhances Alexa's sound quality and volume. 

The speaker also makes the Dot battery-powered and fully portable, so you can order pizza from Dominos in the kitchen, listen to music in the bath, then take it to bed and set an alarm or playlist to wake you in the morning. You get six hours of cordless use per charge.

We've not yet heard the Vaux in action, but presumably it sounds about as good as you'd expect a 50 quid speaker to sound. However, that is still going to be way better than the barely-there audio quality you get from an Echo Dot on its own. 

You can also connect your other mobile devices or tablets via its 3.5mm input, making the Vaux not just a Dot upgrade but a cheap, portable sound system.

The Vaux portable speaker from Ninety7 is available now for £49.99 in Carbon Black (or 'black' if you prefer) or Ash White ('white').