T3 Quick Hit: Get a grip on your physical activity with the MadGrip Pro Palm Utility

Forget mad beats, instead get mad grip with the next generation of high-tech hand protection

Masters of grip tech MadGrip has released what it is calling the "next generation of hand protection."

The product in question is the MadGrip Pro Palm Utility, a pair of gloves that has been designed to offer the same dexterity of a traditional dip glove, but with the added protection and gripping benefits of a heavy duty impact glove.

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The result of the union is a high-tech glove crafted by injection molding that is incredibly ergonomic, rugged and breathable, meaning that the gloves are incredibly versatile in terms of usage scenarios, especially those that require heavy aerobic/anaerobic activities.

The Pro Palm Utility are also completely seamless, with no glue or stitching, are machine washable, and come installed with vented cuffs that help airflow around the hand.

In terms of colourways you get to choose from four schemes, including black/black, grey/black, grey/grey and hi-viz yellow, while the gloves comes in sizes ranging from small to extra large.

Robert Jones

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