T3 Awards 2020: it's lift off for Mavic Mini as DJI's midget drone is crowned King of the Skies

Stunning aerial footage for an incredibly low price

T3 Awards 2020: DJI Mavic Mini is our #1 drone
(Image credit: DJI)

Rising above the competition in the T3 Awards 2020 to be declared the best drone of the year, DJI Mavic Mini is the drone for the many not the few. 

Sure, you can spend more and get something that is objectively even better than the Mini – the all-conquering Mavic Air 2 for instance. That's also from DJI, needless to say. 

However, pound for pound there's nothing to touch this video and photo-shooting flying machine, which can be had for well under £400.

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The Mavic Mini’s camera shoots full HD video at up to 60 frames per second and crisp 2.7K at up to 30fps – that's more than sharp enough for practically all TVs, phones and laptops, so why pay more? The 12-meg stills are very tasty as well.  

The Mini is, as you may have gathered, very small and weighs under 250g, yet it somehow manages to be stable in flight. Switch it to Sport mode and it darts about like a bird of prey, with impeccably nimble handling. 

There's no obstacle avoidance – so fly carefully, now – but you get 30 minutes of flight time and a maximum range of 4km. Perhaps its most attractive feature is that the sub-250g weight means you don't need a CAA licence; you just unbox and get airborne. Once you're done it folds down to an even smaller size, so transporting it to and from mission control is extremely easy.

Available in two packages – we'd advise you get the Fly More Combo, with no fewer than four batteries and a very fetching, herringbone carry case – the Mavic Mini is the drone for those who want premium quality, without having to shell out foolish lucre. Which is most people, by our count. 

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