T3 Awards 2020: HP Elite Dragonfly is the best laptop available today

HP Elite Dragonfly wins T3's Best Laptop Award – sponsored by ExpressVPN

HP Elite Dragonfly Best laptop T3 Awards 2020
(Image credit: HP)

Here at T3 we take reviewing and rating laptops very seriously. That is why we don't just have a guide to the best laptops, but also for the best lightweight laptops, best 2-in-1 laptops and best student laptops, among others.

We take it so seriously as, despite the rise in smartphones acting as portable mini computers, the laptop is still an absolutely crucial tool in the modern world for both work and play.

And with more people than ever now finding themselves working from home in 2020, and in need of a quality laptop to maintain their business life as well as keep the family entertained, the demand for quality systems is greater than ever before.

This is why we only recommend the very finest laptops in our buying guides at T3 and why we've been promoting systems such as the simply superb HP Elite Dragonfly, which has bagged the coveted Best Laptop Award in the T3 Awards 2020.

Sitting at the top-end of our best thin and light laptops guide, the HP Elite Dragonfly came out of nowhere in early 2020, stunning T3 as well as many other reviewers with its jaw-dropping weight, style and performance.

The HP Elite Dragonfly weighs in at under 2.2 pounds (less than a kilogram), making it simply brilliant in terms of portability. Its 13.3-inch screen (which can be a 4K panel) can also fold completely over on itself, meaning that it can be used as a tablet or a propped-up screen, which is ideal for using the bundled-in stylus.

Despite its light weight the HP Elite Dragonfly comes loaded with some properly advanced internal hardware. An Intel Core i7 CPU and 16GB of RAM mean that any creative or business task is absolutely crushed, while a 512GB internal storage drive means that you've incredible amounts of space for documents, music, movies and images.

Throw in a long-lasting battery life and even, if desired, the ability to have a 4G network connection, and it becomes evident that the HP Elite Dragonfly delivers it all and does so in form factor that is understatedly irresistible.

There's been plenty of awesome laptops hit the market over the past year, with systems like the Asus VivoBook S15, Dell XPS 13 and Acer Swift 7 offering fantastic user experiences, but due to its superb bridging of the business and home computing world, as well as limit-defying weight and form factor, it is the HP Elite Dragonfly that walks away with the Best Laptop Award in 2020.

For even more winners be sure to check out the T3 Awards 2020 hub page, which is stuffed full of this year's top tech, gadgets and products.

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