T3 Agenda: Wake up with the Siesta S6 alarm clock radio. Save money on your water bill with the FloSTEM. And more!

T3 rounds up all the latest announcements from the world of tech

The T3 Agenda returns! After a short vacation, we're back and kick things off we've got an alarm clock with DAB+ and a Bluetooth speaker, we're saving money on our water bill with a new 'fit and forget' device, and more...

Wake up in style thanks to Pure's sleek new Siesta S6 DAB+ alarm clock radio with added Bluetooth

Audio powerhouse Pure has just unveiled its latest addition to the Siesta family - the Siesta S6 DAB+ and FM, alarm clock radio. Not only will it get you out of bed in the morning, but it'll do so with impressive audio enhancements, Bluetooth connectivity and a super-clear CrystalVue+ display. 

You can choose to wake to the sound of all your favourite DAB/DAB+ or FM stations or stream your music direct from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. Whether it’s rock, pop or the sound of raindrops, this impressive 2.5-inch full range speaker is powered by a digital amplifier delivering impressive audio from such a compact clock radio.

There’s also a built-in USB port for keeping your mobile devices charged and a headphone output for personal listening. If you're interested, the alarm clock is available at John Lewis, priced at £129.99, the Siesta S6 comes in two colours, Polar and Graphite.

Plug this device onto your shower and never waste water in the home again

If you're looking to save money on that water bill that always seems a little too high for you liking, then we have the perfect bit of home tech for you. This is the FloSTEM from 3form Design.

The golf ball sized device uses a tiny, inbuilt gearbox that enables you to easily control and monitor your domestic water consumption without the need for expensive smart devices or apps. It simply fits on your taps or shower head and can help you shave pounds of your next utility bill.

Essentially a ‘fit and forget’ device, FloSTEM can be easily fitted between a shower-head and shower, or a tap and a hose pipe, and enables you to monitor you water usage in ‘packets’ of 45L. When 45L of water has passed through the device it shuts off until the you press a button on the side to start the water flowing again.

The FloSTEM certainly has a lot of potential, especially if you think you're using too much water at home, however there's no word on a price or a solid release date just yet.