T3 Agenda: Bultaco's zero-emission electric Moto Bike. Aston Martin's limited edition Storck bicycle. And more!

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Bulcato's new Albero electric bike will get you anywhere in the city

Spanish motorcycle manufacturer Bultaco - which has recently enjoyed a new relaunch itself - has announced that a new electric- and pedal-driven hybrid ‘Moto Bike’ is on its way. The Bultaco Albero is designed for urban commuting and features zero emission propulsion combined with pedal power as a cross between an electric motorcycle and bicycle.

With plenty of electric propulsion (60 Nm maximum torque, 45 km/h maximum speed), this nippy little cafe racer is the perfect way to scoot around the city without worrying about making any more dents in your carbon footprint. There's no confirmation on price just yet, but expect it to be in the thousands when it is finally unveiled.

Aston Martin's Storck design adds some British style to the modern road bike

Aston Martin has collaborated with renowned bicycle manufacturer Storck to produce a limited edition run of road bikes. Just 107 of the exclusive Fascenario.3 Aston Martin Edition will be produced. The frame and forks are the result of the latest advances in carbon fibre and aerodynamics, while the componentry is of the highest quality, meaning that the Aston Martin Edition sits at the very pinnacle of current road bicycles.

It's a blend of aerodynamics, stiffness and comfort finished in special Argentum Nero paint, while that lightweight full ‘Nanocarbon Technology’ frame weighs just 770g. No word yet on price, but expect it to be a tad pricey.

New Logitech Bridge kit will help devs introduce text input to VR games on Vive

Logitech and HTC have teamed up to launch the Bridge developers kit, an SDK aimed at helping app makers and software developers solve the problem of text entry in virtual reality.

The kit consists of a Logitech G gaming keyboard, an accessory that positions a Vive Tracker correctly on the keyboard, and the associated software. Logitech will be seeding 50 of these kits to select developers with the goal of partnering to create compelling new experiences centered around a VR keyboard. Head over to the official HTC Vive blog to learn more.

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