Steam's game-tagging system goes live to public

Valve's looking to crowd-source its recommendations

Say goodbye to the days of 'Like Manhunt and GTA 4? Why not try Hello Kitty Island Adventure?'...

Valve's Steam Tags have finally gone live to the public, meaning anyone can slap down a tag on a game to boost the 'More like this' function.

Steam Tags were revealed as part of a beta back in February, giving gamers the chance to tag games with genres, themes, attributes, or anything that helps explain the game.

The goal is to improve recommended games lists that show up when you're looking at a given title, helping people make the most out of the platform.

Since the tagging system launched, Valve says north of 4 million tags have been applied, marking 'almost every product' Steam has to offer.

"Our goal for Steam is to keep getting better at helping each customer find the next games they want to play," says Valve.

"Tags are a critical component in helping the Steam store better understand which products are related, which in turn contributes to better recommendations for games for customers."

Every game has a 'More like this' section which reveals similar games. Valve says traffic through that section has tripled since Steam Tags launched, indicating success for the system.

Steam More Like This Chart

Valve shows off Steam Tags' success

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