Spire monitors your breathing, gives mood feedback

Clip-on tech offers to calm your nerves

Health-tracking is all the rage in tech right now. Your pulse, blood pressure, and sugar levels are all at the behest of 21st century gadge, but how about your breathing patterns?

US-based startup Spire is now offering pre-orders for a wearable monitor it says is “the first tracker for breath, activity, and state of mind.”

The gadget comes in the form of a clip-on pod that sits snugly atop your waistband. From there it monitors your breathing patterns in real time “to show when you are focused, tense, or frazzled.”

For those often frazzled, the Spire's alert system will ping notifications to a user's smartphone advising would-be Yogis to take a deep breath in an effort to soothe mind, soul, or spirit animal.

“Put simply, breath both influences and reflects your state of mind,” says Spire, in hopes that its tracker can improve your health and well-being all day, every day.

The pod features a stainless steel clip, 7-day battery life, and Qi compatible wireless charging.

The spire is available for pre-order for $109 from the website, or $149 at the official launch in September.

In the meantime, check out Spire's suitably soothing ad that shows one woman's stress whisked away quicker than you can say 'atomic number 8.'