Spider-Man 2 looks amazing — except for one thing

Peter Parker and Miles Morales team up, but you can’t

Spider Man 2
(Image credit: PlayStation/Insomniac Games)

PlayStation’s showcase was an hour of non-stop game reveals but it was one that we knew was already coming that had the headline slot. Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2, slated for an autumn 2023 release. 

First off, let me just say, it looks amazing. The successor to one of the best PlayStation games will only be on PS5 and you can see why. The lengthy footage we saw at the showcase was a blend of cinematics and gameplay but it was hard to tell the difference between the two. 

One thing that didn’t need distinguishing was our two protagonists. Peter Parker’s Spider-Man looks very different these days with Venom-style Symbiote powers and a meaner streak that will bring tension between him and his Protege Miles Morales. The Gameplay reveal sees players switch between the two Spider-Men as they take on The Lizard and even has them on screen together. Alas, any co-op dreams won’t be coming true after Insomniac itself confirmed in a tweet that the game will be “an epic single-player adventure”.

It definitely seems like that’s the case but with dual protagonists with unique abilities and who have each had their own game to develop, no co-op seems a missed opportunity. Split-screen would be near impossible but having online co-op definitely seems feasible. Open World games such as Far Cry 6 have the ability to join a friend and cause havoc in each other’s worlds so why not Spidey? We could finally create the infamous Spiderman pointing meme in-game. Jokes aside, It would have been a great way to distinguish what looks to be a mechanically similar sequel from its original.

Even as a single-player game, Spider-Man 2 looks essential, a true next-gen exclusive to really showcase the PS5’s hardware. One section with Miles sneaking through a warehouse full of goons is particularly stunning and showcases the incredible lighting effects that ray tracing can achieve as well as improved stealth options. I just wish I could bring a friend along for the ride.

Andy Sansom
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