Forget LG, Sony launches 100-inch TV colossus that you can't even buy

Sony introduces giant screen for your all-purpose workplace viewing pleasure

Sony TV Model
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Sony is expanding its TV options with two new entries into its professional display portfolio: the first, an obscenely big, mammoth of a screen, in the new 100-inch Sony FW-100BZ40J, and joined by the 32-inch Sony FW-32BZ30J.

That’s some serious size disparity, although it's not indicative of any chasm in performance. Both models will leverage the premium picture processors of Sony’s BRAVIA televisions, which boast deliciously good 4K resolution.

The two new models, exclusively for commercial use, bookend the existing Bravia range, which isn’t lacking: Sony recently broke cover with its ‘Cognitive Intelligence’ Bravia XR models, abandoning conventional AI for a more sensory approach to image and sound.

Cognitive processing is a new catch-all for more realistic rendering: where traditional TVs focus on backlighting or some other tangible touchpoint, cognitive processing divvies the display screen into sections, applying processing heft at particular focal points. It dials-up a bit of contrast here, alters a minor detail there, based on artificial learning.

Sony’s 100-inch FW-100BZ40J will come equipped with cognitive processing to immerse the viewer, uniting contrast, color, and clarity, using the new XR Processor. The FW-32BZ30J uses the X1 processor to boost 4K picture quality, with its TRILUMINOS display tech offering a wide gamut of colors and hues. 

Of course, Sony 4K TVs come in many iterations, which is why we’ve got an easy head-to-head breakdown of the Sony XH90 and Sony XH95 to guide your choice between existing champions of the sector. Both TVs feature in our pick of the best TVs under £1000.

The System on a Chip (SoC) and Android TV OS ensure the new Sony models smoothly run applications; Sony’s new business displays come with Google Chromecast baked-in and Apple AirPlay 2. This lets business users stream, show presentations, and present those pesky excel charts in a commercial setting directly from your iPhone 12, Apple iPad Pro (2020), or just about any compatible model from our best Android phones if you prefer Android OS. 

As mentioned, the Sony FW-100BZ40J and FW-32BZ30J are solely for business environments. Built for unbridled functionality: hassle-free to set up and integrate into existing work environments, they’re built for business. Sony reflects this in the FW-100BZ40J’s brawny aluminum bezels, even more so in the FW-32BZ30J, which has a clever cable management design – integral to maintaining hazard-free office spaces. 

If you're in an office and there's a Sony-shaped space on that wall, these are two to keep firmly on your radar; meanwhile, if you’re looking for a new TV and want the best deal, check out our frequently updated best TV deals

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