Sony's Ready for PS5 4K TVs FINALLY got the upgrade that makes them essential

Two PS5-targeted TVs from Sony are now ready for the console… mostly

(Image credit: PlayStation 5 & XH90 TV Sony / collage created by Future)

Sony’s ‘Ready for PS5’ 4K TV range had actually been waiting for that all-important PS5 upgrade but a firmware update has arrived to bring two models up to HDMI 2.1 speed. Or, at least, partly. But it's the most important part, happily.

The 8K LED Sony Z8H and the Sony XH90 (UK) / X900H (US) both now have updates rolling out to enable higher bandwidth and allow for 4K signals at 120 frames per second. There’s also added HDMI eARC and functionality for the Apple TV app if you’ve been waiting to watch Ted Lasso

We really love the Sony XH90/X900H, and the lack of these gaming features were the only things holding it back from full greatness. And it now has them! Almost!

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What is important to note though is that this update does not include Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) or Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) which are both key features for your new-gen gaming tv. Instead, these will be enabled on the XH90 with a second update, at a non-specific later date. 

Because Sony is using official HDMI 2.1 VRR and ALLM instead of proprietary solutions such as Nvidia G-Sync, this is apparently taking longer to be signed off through official channels, according to Forbes. The 8K Z8H won’t get this update at all, as it doesn’t support VRR. 

VRR and ALLM are important functions to consider if you’ve already got your PS5 pre-order or Xbox Series X pre-order in place and are shopping for a new screen. ALLM especially is vital for cutting out any lag between your button presses and the action on screen. Gaming modes can reduce image quality slightly, but are vital for lag-free gaming.

However, seeing games running smoother than a butter made of pure silk at 120fps is the thing we're more excited about, so we're okay with waiting a little longer for the other features and knowing that 120fps is ready to go on this TV for the PS5's launch.

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