Sony PS5 is getting a new feature that Disney+ fans will love

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When does the PS5 arrive, and how much will it cost? Those questions have been asked for months, and so far we're still waiting for an answer. But now that Microsoft has revealed when we can expect the Xbox Series X, the pressure is on for Sony to follow suit — and that secretive release window might already be out there.

The range of PS5 accessories has already been revealed alongside the console, including the first party media remote, which is the unlikely source that's tipped us off as to when we should expect the PS5 to launch.

Brazilian tech site Tecnoblog reports that Sony will be partnering with a number of streaming services that will get dedicated quick-launch buttons at the bottom of the remote. That’s not entirely surprising (Roku has been doing it for years), but the leak does reveal that Sony’s streaming partners in Brazil are Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and Disney+, which is great for users who are subscribed to those services. 

Disney+ is the key there, because the service doesn’t launch in Brazil until November 17.

Presumably Sony wouldn’t want to launch a console advertising a service that isn’t accessible, suggesting that the PS5 will launch somewhere around mid to late November, which lines up with previous reports; or, if you’re keeping score, at least a week after the Xbox Series X’s November 10 launch date.

Of course just because the PS5 is likely to launch after November 17 in Brazil, it doesn’t mean that’ll be the case everywhere. After all the PS4 launched in Brazil two whole weeks after it went on sale in the USA. If the same thing happens this gen, it could mean the PS5 actually arrives on November 3.

Now that Microsoft has revealed its hand, Sony is perfectly poised to jump in and announce an earlier release date to beat its biggest competitor to market, or even undercut the Xbox Series X price.   

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Source: Tecnoblog