Cheap Sonos deals corner: get up to £350 off Sonos One, Play 5, Playbar and bundles

Refurbished, fully guaranteed, ideal for home cinema surround sound or expanding your multi-room empire

Best Sonos deals
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Why  wait for a Black Friday Sonos deal? If you don't mind the idea of official refurbed Sonos units – and why would you? It's not like the last user will have licked it or anything, and anyway they give them a sterilising wipe – there's still a very handy £40 off a Sonos One. 

• Sonos One (gen 1) was £199, recently £179, now £159 

The Sonos One (gen 1) is identical to the £199 gen 2 in all respects apart from lacking Bluetooth for easier setup (it's specifically not for music playback – only the Sonos Move has that). It also has a slower processor but for all current applications that makes no material difference.

That isn't the half of it though. There are also savings on the Playbar soundbar and the more powerful Play 5 speaker.

• Sonos Playbar was £699, now £549 refurbished

This offer has been running for years now, but it  has to end some time, surely?

• Sonos Play 5 (gen 2) was £499, now £399 refurbished

There are currently no USA refurbished Sonos deals – they are all now listed as 'out of stock'. However, you can get 2x Sonos Play 5 speakers with $49 off and there is a similar double-pack deal on 2x Sonos One with $19 off. So that's better than nothing, albeit maybe not by much.

Sonos One (Gen 1) £159 | Was £199 | Save £40 refurbished from Sonos
The Sonos One is a thoroughbred audio titan that's also like an Amazon Echo on steroids, since it has Alexa built in. This is the first generation version, but it's functionally all-but identical to the new one. That has a faster processor and theoretically quicker setup but in day-to-day use there's no difference.View Deal

Sonos Play 5 (Gen 2) £399 | Was £499 | Save £100 refurbished from Sonos
Curvaceous and powerful in equal measure, Play 5 is quite old in tech-dog years, but still among Sonos' most effective performers. That's true whether you use it for music, or pair two of them as a seriously ass-kicking brace of rear surrounds, with a Beam, Playbar or Playbase. With £100 off, getting two is even more attractive as, by our maths, that would be a net saving of £200.View Deal

Sonos Playbar £549 | Was £699 | Save £150 refurbished from Sonos
The Beam may have Alexa built in and pack more bang for your buck, but the Playbar is… longer. Size matters. At £699, this older soundbar arguably is a tad ovderpriced but with £150 slashed from its price, it's rather tempting, perhaps in combination with a pair of Play 5s – the total saving then would be no less than £350.View Deal

What is Sonos Refurbished?

So what is a 'Sonos certified refurbished' Sonos Play 1, Play 5, Playbar or Sub? Most likely it's a return from a customer who changed their mind after buying, or a loan to a journalist. 

But all you really need to know is that there's a 100-day no-quibble return policy and a two-year warranty, and whoever had it before almost certainly didn't sneeze on it. Sonos probably disinfects them during the refurb process anyway.