Solos' Smart Glasses can now translate 25 different languages on the fly

Solos focuses on innovation with the latest AirGo3 update, which adds 15 new languages to the Solos app

Solos AirGo3 Smart Glasses
(Image credit: Solos)

Solos, a force in smart glasses technology, has announced the expansion of its SolosTranslate platform, now available in 25 languages.

At the heart of Solos' offering are the AirGo3 Smart Glasses, powered by ChatGPT and Solos' Whisper Technology.

AirGo3 enables users to engage in seamless multilingual conversations in group settings, such as business meetings or international gatherings, without encountering communication barriers.

Solos' patented Whisper Technology is said to ensure exceptional speech recognition and audio playback, rendering it perfect for speech translation, interpersonal dialogues, and integrated AI functionality.

Beyond simply overcoming language obstacles, the ChatGPT functionality also empowers users to provide information on renowned tourist spots and popular activities in any city ("I'm at the Mona Lisa; could you provide more details about this artwork?").

You can also access SolosCoach via the Solos App, which turns the smart glasses into fitness trackers worn on your head. Solos Coach offers tailored training sessions based on your activity and exertion levels, with programs catering to core strength, running, cycling, and stretching, as well as posture exercises and hydration reminders.

The latest upgrade to the SolosTranslate platform introduces 15 new languages to the Solos app, including Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Dutch, Hindi, and others.

SolosTranslate, SolosChat, and Solos Fitness Coach reportedly come included with the purchase of the glasses, offering users a comprehensive suite of services for enhanced communication and well-being.

For users seeking additional features, Solos offers an upgraded Premium Subscription for $9.99 per month. This includes enhanced text-to-speech services, standalone use of SolosChat without the glasses, improved AI performance, and more, providing users with an elevated communication experience.

AirGo3 Smart Glasses are available now in three different styles—Argon ($249-$299), Xeon ($199), and Helium ($199)—for sports, the sun, or daily wear, and offered in a variety of colours at Solosglasses.

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