Smartphones to become hub for monitoring user's health

Exclusive: Smartphones tipped to be centralised hub for health monitoring gadgets

As gadget fans become increasingly health conscious and tech catches up with concern smartphones are tipped as the future hub of health monitors

Smartphones are to become the centralised hubs of their owner's health lives allowing users to monitor a series of data parameters that can be built on and used to improve their quality of life, industry experts have suggested.

Speaking exclusively with T3, Ben Rubin, Co-founder and VP Chief Technology Officer of Zeo, a company responsible for producing innovative sleep monitoring systems, claimed that as the interest in personal health monitors increases, smartphones will emerge as the core hub for keeping track of data.

“As smartphones become the centre of our digital lives, they will become the centre of our health lives as well,” Rubin said. “In the long term there is every possibility that we can put enough sensors in place with enough intelligent software that we can tell you something about the quality of your life and how you can improve it.”

With health tracking and enhancing gadgets such as the Jawbone UP rapidly increasing in popularity and fitness monitors such as the adidas miCoach being made available in app form tech fans are now able to monitor their lives in more detail than ever before.

“The smartphone will likely be the centre of monitoring your life and your body in the future. It will be the place where you review the data, the place where you receive alerts such as 'Its 2pm, stop drinking caffeine in order to enhance your sleep”.”

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Luke Johnson

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