Smartphone Scope Mount lets you video your gunishment

Sticks your phone to your gun, so you can record your shooting

We've all been there: you're tooled up to the nines, waiting to let rip in the shooting range, but you have no way of capturing your exploits for posterity. Enter the Smartphone Scope Mount, a device that sticks your phone to your gun so you can record what you're shooting at.

It works with both spotting scopes and hunting scopes, so it's ideal for bird watchers and hunters alike. It's essentially a cradle that contains magnets so your phone sticks to it. The double ball joint lets you position it at will, and it even has an integrated battery, so you can juice your phone up over USB while you're shooting.

It might seem slightly worrying to us, but the hunting community in the US are sure to love it.

The phone doesn't come into contact with the optics, you won't mess up your perfectly calibrated scope. It works with almost every spotting scope around.

It's currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. Hilariously, the promo video has the usual plinky-plonky music. Only it's not for a Bluetooth door lock or new wireless charger. It's for a device that sticks your phone to your gun. (Sadly the video doesn't mention guns. Instead, the man in it zooms in ominously on a bird using his spotting scope.)

It's certainly different. But then Kickstarter is there to champion niche products that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day. It's raised over $6,000 of a $20,000 goal. It can be yours when you pledge $149 (£101). If it reaches its funding goal, it should ship in May.