Professor Green speaks out against food waste at Samsung smart fridge event

The Samsung smart kitchen tech allows you to cook healthily and sustainability, all controlled from your phone

Samsung KX Taste of Tomorrow
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Samsung is a pioneer of all things smart tech, and its kitchen appliances are no different. Ever hear that technology is going to save the world? Samsung is trying to do its bit by ensuring nothing in our fridge goes to waste, and to that end, it’s incorporated a tablet on its latest model. 

The Samsung FamilyHub is one of the most high-tech fridges money can buy. With its three cameras, it can show you what’s inside your fridge without even opening it up, saving on wasted energy. Even when you’re shopping, you can view the contents of your fridge on your SmartThings app, so you can concoct recipes on the go. 

The name of the game is “no waste” and the FamilyHub delivers. You are able to use the smart screen on your FamilyHub touch screen or phone to digitally label ingredients with expiration dates, so you can easily see what you have to use and when. The fridge will even register what’s inside it and recommend recipes using the Whisk app, so ensure nothing goes to waste.

Samsung FamilyHub Multi-Door Fridge Freezer | now £2909 at the Samsung Store

Samsung FamilyHub Multi-Door Fridge Freezer | now £2909 at the Samsung Store
Whew. For that hefty price tag, you get an enormous 550L capacity, with a net width of 908 mm and height of 1825 mm. The smart screen plays your favourite media and shows the family calendar in addition to tinkering with recipes, and it even contains a cold water dispenser. Best fridge ever?

The fridge can be seen in this new Samsung KX video as part of its Taste of Tomorrow event, in which music star Professor Green cooks with plant-based chef Sara Kiyo Popowa and scientific researchers Green Lab, using the new Samsung kit. 

“I used to hate filling my fridge with food at the beginning of the week, or Sunday, with the best of intentions," said Green. "Of course, then everything was going off by the end of the week and I wouldn’t use the majority of it, especially understanding now that statistically, a third of all food produced goes to waste when people going hungry. That doesn't sit very well with me.

“I cannot believe how efficient these systems are. The kitchen can seem a scary place, so to encourage people to cook sustainably, and even just to cook – it really is about simplifying things.”

Elsewhere in the video is the Samsung Infinite Range oven, which also interfaces with your SmartThings app so you can switch the oven on and off, and control the heat, all from your phone. Check it out below:

Samsung Infinite Range Oven | now £1,299 at the Samsung Store

Samsung Infinite Range Oven | now £1,299 at the Samsung Store
Samsung’s Infinite Range packs a catalytic cleaning system, with a soft-closing door and double 1200W capacity ovens that are rated A+ in energy efficiency. Again, Samsung is all about sustainability: the smartphone control is the icing on the cake. 

For more of Samsung’s kitchen innovations and recipes from Sara Kiyo Popowa, Green Lab and Professor Green, be sure to check out Samsung KX Taste of Tomorrow at the link here

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