Sleeping Dogs & UFC George St Pierre combat trailer released

Partnership with UFC star to create combat system

True Crime: Streets of Hong Kong sadly never made it to production, the game however has lived on, now born as Square Enix's Sleeping Dogs

A new combat-focused trailer has been released for the upcoming Xbox 360 and PS3 game, Sleeping Dogs showcasing the new fighting system developed in partnership with UFC star George St Pierre.

The trailer combines both live-action footage of St Pierre throwing some moves and in-game footage showing off just a few of the brutal moves and takedowns that'll be possible in the finished game.

Earlier this year the game was announced in true John Woo fashion with a live-action trailer which saw the main character get creative with everything from a meat cleaver to a fire extinguisher.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 title is an open-world crime drama set in Hong Kong and follows Wei Shen, an undercover cop who is looking to take down the triads from the inside, of course in this case, that means getting your hands dirty.

Hoping to build on the nostalgia surrounding the John Woo films and the entire genre Sleeping Dogs employs what United Front is calling an 'imaginative and intuitive' combat system that mixes traditional shootouts with eye-watering melee.

In case you were wondering what some of those combat moves looked like then check out the live-action trailer below as Square Enix has confirmed that each move in the trailer was deliberately chosen to be accurate with both the feel and the moves that can be achieved in-game.

Sleeping Dogs George St Pierre Combat Trailer

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