Sleep expert reveals an ingenious hack to stop snoring, and you have what you need in your kitchen

If your snoring is keeping your partner up at night, this trick could help

how to stop snoring
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A snoring partner can be a major cause of strain in a relationship. There are plenty of hacks that claim to help you stop snoring, but there's one new and surprising technique that's gaining attention at the moment. And the good news is that you don't need to shell out for any special kit, because chances are you have what you need already in your kitchen cupboard: olive oil. 

According to "Sleep Geek" and Beingwell founder James Wilson, taking a spoonful of olive oil can help reduce snoring, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. For a number of reasons though, it's not a long-term, regular solution. 

“From experience, it’s not nice or tasty. It doesn’t stop it all together, or for everyone," James told The Sun. What it might do, if it does work for you, is keep your snoring at bay for long enough to allow your partner time to drop off. 

James suggests saving this technique for occasional use when your airways are inflamed – for example, if you've got a cold. He also says it can work especially well if you typically end up snoring after eating spicy food or drinking alcohol. Perhaps one to deploy after a Valentine's Day meal, then? 

If that doesn't work for you, you could always try sleep divorce. Don't panic, it's not as dramatic as it sounds – this is the increasingly popular approach of couples choosing to sleep apart some or all of the time, so they can both get a good night's sleep, leading to a more harmonious relationship in the longer term. Or if your snoring is allergy related, check out our tips for how to choose the best duvet for allergies, and consult our general best duvet guide to upgrade.

Ruth Hamilton

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