Skylake meets Skywalker in HP's limited-edition Star Wars laptop

HP's new Skylake-powered laptop celebrates The Force Awakens with a custom chassis and tweaks aplenty to Windows 10

HP's new Skylake-powered laptop celebrates The Force Awakens with a custom chassis and tweaks aplenty to Windows 10.

HP has certainly done something a little different with its latest 15.6-inch notebook, which is a special edition laptop themed on Star Wars to tie in with the new film.

There's no mistaking this machine's Star Wars pedigree, as it's done out in a black and dark grey distressed looking design, with touches including images of Stormtroopers on the keyboard deck (the keyboard itself being backlit with red lighting for that dark side feel).

The touchpad has also been designed to mirror the X-Wing Star Fighter Guidance System, and the overall effect is pretty smart (assuming you're a fan of Star Wars, of course!).

HP has also tapped up Lucasfilm for a ton of extra goodies such as Star Wars themes with custom wallpapers, screensavers, and sound effects, to make sure Windows 10 is every bit as much in a galaxy far, far away, as the chassis design.

The laptop will also boast galleries of Star Wars content such as concept art and the posters for the original movies, not to mention movie trailers and suchlike.

Tech spec

In all the Star Wars excitement, we might have forgotten to mention one small thing – namely the notebook's tech spec.

The 15.6-inch display is a full HD affair (with an optional touchscreen), and the machine is powered by Intel's Skylake Core i5 or i7 processors, with battery life being a claimed seven hours.

The laptop also boasts 12GB of RAM, and up to 2TB of hard drive storage, and you can go with integrated graphics or get a discrete Nvidia GeForce 940M GPU on board.

HP's Star Wars Special Edition notebook also has an optical drive, with dual speakers and audio tuned by B&O Play (Bang & Olufsen).

The laptop is due out later this month and will be priced starting at £549 (around $840, or AU$1,170), with a special edition Star Wars themed sleeve for the device running you an extra £30.

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