Sky to include Wi-Fi as standard in new HD set top boxes

Broadcaster is hoping move will boost subscriptions to Now TV service

Sky will be introducing a new Sky+HD box in September with built-in Wi-Fi, the broadcaster has revealed.

The new set top box will be the first to come with Wi-Fi built in as standard. It will be offered to all new Sky HD subscribers.

Sky is hoping that by including Wi-Fi as standard, it will be able to increase the number subscribers to its on demand Now TV service.

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As well as supplying all new Sky HD customers with built-in Wi-Fi, it will also make its existing Wi-Fi adapter more easily available to existing customers.

“We will step up the rollout of connected boxes across our base by offering a low-cost wireless connector to customers that have a Sky+HD box but haven't yet connected it to broadband,” says Sky.

"We will also launch a new WiFi-enabled Sky+HD box as standard from September, rolling it out to targeted groups of customers who don't yet have Sky+HD boxes.

“This acceleration of our connected Sky+HD platform will open up access to the full range of On Demand services, increasing the value we deliver to customers and providing an important platform from which to grow new revenue streams.”

Last week, the company announced that it would be launching a dedicated set top box to allow non-Sky subscribers to more easily access its Now TV content.

The company made the announcement as part of its end-of-year financial report.

Via: Pocket-Lint