Sky Glass getting free app that could change your life – coming to Sky Q and Stream too

Previously exclusive to Sky Live

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Sky TV customers will be able to access the Mvmnt fitness app on their devices as of tomorrow.

It comes with a 45-day free trial period and gives you access to 100s of hours of workouts and fitness programs to enjoy at home.

From tomorrow, 26 June, Sky Glass, Sky Stream and Sky Q customers will be able to access the Mvmnt fitness app and enjoy 45 days' worth of fitness classes for free.

The app has previously been exclusive to owners of the Sky Live motion camera. It will continue to be available to Sky Glass customers with that add-on, and offer an extended, body-tracked experience, but now other Sky TV subscribers can utilise the workouts, too.

Mvmnt offers a wide range of fitness classes hosted by experienced instructors, including celebrity trainers Faisal Abdalla and Rory Knight. There are strength, balance, cardio and meditation classes that cater for all levels of experience. And there are even some for small spaces, if you don't have a particularly large area to workout in.

Workouts also start at just 5 minutes long, so you can fit in sessions to match your lifestyle.

After the free trial period is over, a Mvmnt subscription costs £7.99 per month. Subscribers can also use the Mvmnt companion app on an iPhone or Android device.

"Since our first launch of Mvmnt on Sky Live last year, we’ve been working on a mass market evolution of Mvmnt to be compatible with Sky’s non-camera devices, and bring us a huge step closer to our goal of making quality fitness coaching accessible at home, for every body," said the company's co-founder, Tim Benjamin.

Sky Live customers will continue to receive free access to Mvmnt. However, a Mvmnt Premium subscription adds mobile workouts, personalised programs, and zone matching with heart rate monitoring. Like the non-Sky Live version, it too costs £7.99 per month.

Sky Glass and Sky Stream regularly get software updates that add new features. New personalisation options were added in May, for example, while other enhancements include lower latency sports broadcasts, which will reduce the gap between watching live events via an internet stream and the traditional broadcast format.

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