Sky Glass customers are getting a game-changing new upgrade this week

Improvements to the picture quality will make it look like a whole new TV, and that's not the only update on the way

Sky Glass
(Image credit: Sky)

Sky Glass is the best TV in the world for streaming because it'll give you everything Sky has to offer without the need for a satellite dish. But another reason it's so popular is that it's always improving thanks to regular updates rolled out to all of its sets. 

One of the latest refinements is pretty game-changing because it completely reinvents the Sky Glass picture quality. 

In the Sky Glass review, we described how previously this TV couldn't quite compete with pricier options because 'you won’t get quite the same vibrancy of colours or deep, dark blacks.' The so-called Aurora Display update looks to change that, boosting local dimming to deliver higher contrast, better brightness and more colour accuracy. 

I got a sneak preview of the old and new image side by side and I was very pleasantly surprised by the difference it made, saying that 'the image was very noticeably better with the new update, it had more life to it, the colours look bolder and more detail comes through as well.' 

To add to that, the Vivid Mode has been enhanced for a picture that pops, lifting the colours on the screen. It'll be best used for content like sports and Hollywood blockbusters where you want things to look a bit more vibrant and exciting.

Those aren't the only updates on their way, though. There are a couple more that you should know about. 

Firstly, you won't ever lose your remote again because if you do misplace it, you can simply say 'Hello Sky, where's my remote'. The remote will then start to beep which will help you pinpoint where it is in the room. 

Secondly, a new ITVX app is currently being rolled out to all Sky sets, including Sky Stream and Sky Q. It integrates ITV's free-to-watch and subscription-based services into one place. It's similar to the old ITV Hub, but will actually debut some content way before linear channels are able to show it. 

So when will you get these updates? Sky has told us that the picture quality upgrade will be available to all Sky Glass customers by the end of this week, and the other new features will be ready to go within the next few weeks. You won't need to do anything, they will be installed automatically over your Wi-Fi network. 

Yasmine Crossland
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