Simba's bouncy bed with zoned suspension slats looks like a side-sleeper's dream

Specialist sleep brand branches out into bed frames

Simba bed frame
(Image credit: Simba)

Sleep specialist Simba is known for making mattresses and bedding, but it has just made the next logical jump and brought out a bed. Not just any bed, though: this one has slats that come with their own suspension system, all part of the brand's quest for "gravity defying comfort". 

Simba is the brand behind T3's current #1 best UK mattress, the Simba Hybrid Pro, and also makes some excellent bedding. So you should be in good hands here (and regular Simba discount codes and deals mean you might well be able to save if you do decide to buy).

There is a body of thought amongst some mattress designers that offering a uniform feel across the whole sleep surface isn't an ideal approach, as certain areas of the body require more or less support to keep your spine properly aligned. As a result, you'll find some mattresses (although not Simba's) feature zones of different firmness. A similar approach has been applied in the new Simba bed bases, which feature a zoned, bouncy slat system that's designed to provide enhanced support exactly where it's needed.

Simba bed frame

(Image credit: Simba)

First up, Simba has added a responsive suspension system at the ends of each slat, to 'intelligently cushion your weight and relieve back pressure' (see it in action in the GIF below). That's combined with slats of different widths – wider to support heavier parts of the body, like your hips, and thinner for lighter areas like your shoulders. The overall aim is to keep your body in neutral alignment as you sleep, with the slats responding to the body's positioning as you shift about, to keep you comfortable yet properly supported, whether you're on your side, back or front.

There are two sprung-slat arrangements you can choose between. The more basic is the 'Simba-React', which features sprung extra-wide slats where your lower back would lie, and more underneath your shoulders, while the rest of the slats are fixed. The fancier setup goes by the name 'Simba-Flex', and features has sprung slats all down the bed, and mixes up bigger and bouncier 'triple cushioned' slats with firmer, wider slats to provide zoned support.

The other notable feature of these beds is that they're designed to be put together without the need for any tools. No tools at all! Not even an allen key. Take that, IKEA. Simba says you can assemble it in 10 minutes. We're tempted to suggest they might be using the same kind of timer Jamie Oliver employed when recording his 15-minute meals, although we might be wrong, because the instruction list does look surprisingly simple.

Other than that, you've got three different designs to choose from, all of which are handmade in the UK, and you can pick and mix different headboards, slat systems, colours and legs to get the exact bed you want. The upholstery has something called 'active spill resistance', which means liquid droplets will sit on the surface where, if you're quick, you can just wipe them off before they sink in and create a stain. Useful if you're in the habit of flinging your Sunday morning coffee over your shoulder as you drink it. 

The Simba bed frames are available in double, king and super king, with prices starting at £1079. Like the brand's mattresses, they come with a 200 night free trial.

Ruth Hamilton

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