Should I cancel Netflix and subscribe to Paramount Plus instead?

Notable show losses at the same time of a price hike have me wondering if my money could be better spent elsewhere

Netflix versus Paramount Plus
(Image credit: Netflix / Paramount)

Like I am sure many people were, I was frustrated to hear that the Netflix is getting another price hike.

I'm having my monthly budget squeezed like never before right now due to the cost of living crisis, so the fact that yet another thing is going to cost me more was really not received well.

What's rattled me arguably more than the price rise, though, is watching just how many shows and movies have been stripped out of Netflix over the past few months, with all Marvel shows like The Punisher and The Defenders for example, literally overnight, disappearing off to Disney Plus in the first week of March.

The most worrying loss for me, though, looks set to come at the end of March 2022. That's because it has just been confirmed that Star Trek: The Next Generation is being stripped off the service, too.

Now, I'm not a Star Trek super fan, but The Next Generation is my generation of Star Trek and, after I'd watched the fantastic Picard series on Amazon Prime Video, I was looking forward to digging back into the classic TV series.

Not, though, anymore, as The Last Generation is about to join basically every other Star Trek property to date (excluding Deep Space Nine) in blasting off from planet Netflix.

At one time, for Star Trek fans like me, Netflix was the go-to place for Star Trek, with the service offering up basically all the TV series and spin-off films. Now, though, it is a Star Trek graveyard, with just Deep Space Nine left (and for how long?).

As such, I'm wondering if it would be a better use of my money to cancel my Netflix subscription and subscribe instead to Paramount Plus, which is not only cheaper but - and here's the kicker - looks like the destination that Star Trek content is going to move to.

Paramount has controlled everything Star Trek-related since the 1960s and now appears to be bringing all of its properties back in house under its own Paramount Plus streaming service banner. It makes sense for Paramount and so, while not officially confirmed yet, I fully expect Star Trek's new home to be on Paramount Plus.

Of course, cheaper subscription fees and access to Star Trek are only a couple of the benefits I can see with Paramount Plus. The service also offers tens of thousands of TV shows and movies (many streaming in 4K, HDR) as well as access to NFL on CBS live, top soccer matches and more sports, too. It also delivers the same ability to download shows to my personal devices and also doesn't have ads on its a la carte content either.

It's a really interesting proposition for me right now. I don't know what I'm going to do yet, as I have been enjoying shows on Netflix and recently deduced that if I was to cancel a streaming service it would be Amazon Prime Video instead. But, honestly, right now I need to see a load of interesting new content announced for Netflix to keep me sweet, as my head is starting to be turned.

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