Sharp's first e-scooters are cheap and seriously impressive

Sharp's amazing new e-scooters look amazing, have plenty of power and they'll even charge your phone

Sharp E-scooters
(Image credit: Sharp Consumer Electronics)

Sharp's first e-scooters are seriously impressive: they're fast, they're smart and they're safe too. They're also cheaper than you might expect when you see their specifications. Worrying for their rivals, they already look like some of the best electric scooters on the market today in March 2022.

What makes these e-scooters different is that even the entry level model has a very high specification including double rear suspension for a much smoother ride, double brakes that combine mechanical disc brakes and an electric brake, smartphone integration including remote locking and unlocking, and even a USB port in the handlebars so you can charge your phone – which is particularly handy if you're using the maps app on your phone.

I know what you're thinking. "Never mind USB ports. How fast do they go?"

The answer to that depends on where you live, because e-scooters are regulated differently in different countries. But these are both very nippy thanks to their 36V, 350W brushless motors and lightweight construction. Where the law allows, the EM-KS1 can go up to 25km/h and the EM-KS2 is faster still, with a top speed of 35km/h.

Sharp thinking as well as style

Both e-scooters look great, but there's substance beyond the style. There's a choice of lightweight honeycomb tyres in the EM-KS2 or larger pneumatic tyres in the EM-KS3, and the batteries deliver 6.6 amp hours and 10.4 amp hours respectively for impressive range. There's an integrated headlight and deck light, both of which can be controlled remotely, and you can use the app to adjust your gear settings and act as a speedometer too.

Something that you might not spot in the spec sheet is that these scooters are also made for heavier duty than many rivals: where e-scooters are typically made for a total load of up to about 100kg, Sharp's scooters are made for up to 120kg. That's just shy of 19 stone. And while we're talking about weight, the scooters are 14.5kg and 18.8kg respectively, with a folding function and integrated hanger for easy storage.

The EM-KS1 and EM-KS2 launch this spring and they're priced very aggressively: the KS1 is just £399 while the higher spec EM-KS2 is £549.

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