Serial 1 limited edition e-bike gets a vintage Harley makeover

The Serial 1 Mosh/Tribute draws on its history for a special e-bike design and it looks stunning

Serial 1 S1 Mosh/Tribute
(Image credit: Serial 1)

Serial 1 has outdone itself once again with the vintage motorcycle styling on its latest limited-edition e-bike. The S1 Mosh/Tribute is based on the Mosh/City, a pedal-assist class 1 e-bike with a single-speed transmission that already rivals some of the best electric bike models on the market.

Serial 1 is based around Harley-Davidson’s original motorcycle, known as Serial Number One and this special version is based around the original prototype for the Serial 1 range.

While the Mosh/City is finished almost completely in matte black, this special edition has a glossy black body with the Harley-Davidson and Serial 1 names printed in gold. The biggest difference though is the sprung tan-leather saddle and matching handlebar grips, plus the white Super Moto-X tires.

Serial 1 S1 Mosh/Tribute

(Image credit: Serial 1)

Serial 1 will produce a limited run of just 650 of the S1 Mosh/Tribute e-bikes, with 325 available in the US and 325 in Europe. While the standard model costs $3799 / £2762, this special edition is priced at $5,999 / £4,367.

This is the second special edition Serial 1 has created for its Harley Davidson-powered electric bikes. The Mosh/Chopper, which was a one-off 60s chopper modification of the Mosh/City, sold for $14,200 when it was auctioned back in August 2021. The Mosh/Tribute is a little more affordable than that but with so few due for release, you’ll need to move fast if you want one.  

The design is really close to that first prototype, with the black frame, white tires and brown saddle all mirroring the classic look of that early Harley. The only thing I feel lets it down is the handlebars – it would have been nice to see a more curved design here, like on many beach cruiser bikes. That said, it’s the best-looking bike to come from the brand to date and if I had the cash spare, I’d be treating myself to an early Christmas present right now.

Serial 1 prototype

The original Serial 1 prototype with the Harley-Davidson Serial Number One behind

(Image credit: Serial 1)
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