Sennheiser's new earbuds will sound very appealing to audiophiles

The Sennheiser IE 200 are a pair of wired headphones with exceptional sound quality and a reasonable pricetag

Sennheiser IE 200
(Image credit: Sennheiser)

More often than not, if you're an audiophile looking for exceptional sound in a pair of headphones, you'll have to pay a premium. Just take a look at T3's guides to the best true wireless earbuds and the best wired headphones - you'll notice that most of the top players will set you back £150 or much more. 

Going against the trend, these new wired Sennheiser IE 200 headphones will look very appealing to a lot of people because they have sound suitable for audiophiles but they're also actually pretty affordable at only £129.99 in the UK. 

They manage to deliver detailed and realistic audio quality with the help of a 7-millimetre extra-wide band transducer. As well as that, Sennheiser claims that distortion is almost non-existent while the natural frequency response curve mimics much pricier pairs of headphones. 

Sennheiser IE 200

(Image credit: Sennheiser)

What's more, is that you can place these in one of two positions in the ear which will adjust the balance between the bass and treble, something else that will undoubtedly set these apart.

Tiny earbuds that connect to your devices using a 3.5mm stereo plug and MMCX connectors, these are simple and discreet in design with a braided cable.

While they may not feature any noise-cancelling technology, the included viscoelastic foam and silicone ear adapters come in a few different sizes which should not only make these comfortable to wear but they should also create a tight seal and block out a good amount of noise in doing so.

Pre-orders for the Sennheiser IE 200 start from the 17th of January 2023, and they'll officially go on sale on the 31st of January.

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