Scosche strips down heart monitor for Rhythm+

Cuts down on gadget fat to help you lose weight

At T3, we're used to tech cramming in as many features as possible – so when a company strips out features, we take note.

That's precisely what the wearables team at Scosche has done with its Rhythm armband heart monitor. The latest version – the Rhythm+ – is an even simpler device than its predecessor.

The device is now focused 100 per cent on monitoring your heart rate. The benefit of that is Scosche has been able to add an additional two hours of battery life to the smartwatch.

That means it now has a total battery life of eight hours – more than enough for almost any intense sporting event you'll come across.

In addition to the boost to battery life, it is also now sweatproof and is waterproof up to one meter.

The actual heart measuring technology is powered by a PerformTek biometric sensor. That's the same sensor that is found in LG's fitness tracking earphones.

It's compatible with both Android and iOS devices and comes with a free year subscription to MapMyFitness –usually $30 alone.

The price for those of you in the US is $79.99 (£47.20). We're not sure if it'll be making its way over to the UK, but if it does, we'll let you know.