Save up to £30 on the NEW Amazon Echo and Echo Dot in their first Amazon Black Friday deal

Surprise! Amazon is doing Black Friday deals on its very latest Echo speakers

Echo Black Friday deals
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With the new Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot only just launched, we didn’t expect any Black Friday Echo deals on the brand new 4th generation models – so we’re pleasantly surprised to see these Amazon Black Friday deals on its newest smart speakers. There’s £30 off the full size Echo, dropping the price to just £59.99, and the smaller Echo Dot has dropped £21 to a titchy £28.99

Whichever Echo you go for, you’re getting a lot for your money. Both devices sound better than the previous generations, have better voice recognition and look suitably stylish; if you go for the larger Echo you also get a home hub for connecting compatible Zigbee devices such as smart bulb and sensors.

• Amazon Echo (4th Generation | Was £89.99 | Now £59.99 | Save £30 at Amazon
• Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) | Was £49.99 | Now £28.99 |
Save £21 at Amazon

There are two things we know about Amazon’s Echo speakers: one, you should never pay full price; and two, if you buy them in Black Friday deals they are tremendous value for money. In our Amazon Echo (4th Gen) review we described it as the best-sounding, most capable design yet: we rated the sound quality, the Zigbee hub and the extensive audio options highly.

As for the Echo Dot (4th Gen), we liked its simplicity and its functionality; the lower price is at the expense of the bigger Echo’s impressive sound, but the Dot is still perfectly good for speech and for occasional music listening. There’s also an Echo Dot with an integrated clock that’s £10 more – perfect for the bedside table. 

The choice of Echo really comes down to the kind of user you are. If you’re more about the music, go for the bigger one; if you just want voice control and Alexa on demand, the Dot will hit the spot.


Amazon Echo (4th Generation | Was £89.99 | Now £59.99 | Save £30 at Amazon
The new Echo is obviously different from its predecessors: where they were cylindrical, this one is spherical. It comes in four colours and delivers even better sound than the previous model, and its new mics are great for voice recognition and easy to disable for privacy.


Amazon Echo Dot (4th Generation) | Was £49.99 | Now £28.99 |Save £21 at Amazon
Amazon’s diminutive smart speaker isn’t as small as the 3rd generation but it sounds better, does a better job with voice recognition and does everything the bigger Echo devices do. We didn’t expect to see deals on the 4th generation so soon so this is a pleasant surprise. The version with an integrated clock is £10 more.

There will be more Echo deals over Black Friday, of course! Here are the current lowest prices on all Echo gadgets.

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