Save £120 on AirPods Max – my favourite headphones of the last year

Apple's high-end headphones sound just incredible, but come with an elite price – this is the cheapest you'll find them, and they deliver before Xmas

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Apple's AirPods Max are a huge treat for those lucky enough to own them – in our AirPods Max review, we said they're the best-sounding wireless speakers you can buy. But getting that kind of quality comes at a major price, and there's no question that's put a lot of people off them. But in among the best December sales, you can save £120 on them right now, and with delivery in time for Christmas!

• Apple AirPods Max: was £549, now £429 at Appliances Direct

I've been using AirPods Max since my review, and they still impress me every time I fire them up. They manage to deliver huge scale to the sound that feels expansive and natural – it doesn't feel like it's pumping straight into the ears. They're incredibly dynamic in a way that even the best wireless headphones just can't quite match, which means they're not just filled with detail, but can also juggle both bassy sounds and high treble with ease.

Being so dynamic has two other advantages: it help to make them some of the best noise-cancelling headphones around; and also makes them the best headphones for 3D audio I've tried so far. For noise-cancelling, they're just superb at blocking noise – right up there with the best from Bose and Sony.

With 3D audio, I love using them with Apple's Spatial Audio feature with movies – you get seriously impressive Dolby Atmos audio when use with an iPhone, Apple TV or iPad, and it feels like being in a cinema.

You get lots of other great smart features too – including instant switching between Apple devices, audio sharing with other AirPods, and Find My support, so you can see where you might have left them.

Apple AirPods Max: was £549, now £399 at Appliances Direct

Apple AirPods Max: was £549, now £399 at Appliances Direct
Save £150 and get yourself the best headphones Apple has ever made. These are astonishing over-ears with superb integration with your Apple devices, excellent noise cancelling and beautiful, involving sound, and at this price they're incredibly attractive.

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