Amazon Prime Day soundbar deal: get a half price LG Dolby Atmos soundbar!

Make sure your TV sounds as good as it could with LG's Soundbars, discounted with Prime Day deals

LG Soundbar Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals
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Today's the day: Amazon Prime Day deals are here and they're big, with steep discounts on everything from tech to fitness to toys. You name it, there's a deal. Case in point: LG has knocked up to 48% off its soundbar range, the perfect TV companion.

The benefits of having a soundbar are simple: it fits neatly in front of, or near, your TV without taking up too much space or needing to be put in a specific place and offers bigger sound than a thin TV can manage, instantly making any TV show or movie more immersive. 

As part of its Amazon Prime Day sales, LG is offering two soundbars with discounts of up to £190. They come in an unassuming black, meaning they'll blend even more stealthily into your TV stand and life.

LG has worked with Dolby on the top-end model to deliver rich, detailed 3.0.2 sound in a surprisingly small case, supported by Dual Action Bass. The other model is more designed for bang-for-your-buck, putting all your money into big sound – and crucially, clearer and more immersive sound than a TV alone can manage.

LG SN4 Soundbar (Black) | £199.99

LG SN4 Soundbar (Black) | £199.99 £109.99 from Amazon
This is all about pushing lots of power and clarity. There's 300W of speaker oomph on offer here across three channels, including a dedicated speech channel for clear dialogue, with both HDMI and Bluetooth connectivity and a sophisticated wireless subwoofer. And you're saving £80. At this price, it's easily one of the best buys 

LG SN7CY Soundbar (Black) | Dolby Atmos | £399.99

LG SN7CY Soundbar (Black) | Dolby Atmos | £399.99 £209 from Amazon
If you want more cinematic sound, this model includes Dolby Atmos tech for not just the best sound quality, but also using two upfiring drivers for adding height into the sound – a key party trick of Atmos movies. Plus, you're saving a whopping £155 as part of Prime Day.

So, no matter what your TV setup, having a soundbar will automatically and instantly improve it, offering rich sound without taking up loads and loads of space.

Not quite what you wanted? We've compiled the best soundbar prices from across the web, updated constantly.

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