Samsung's VR headset gets close-up, reveal next month?

The Korean firm dives into the virtual reality fray

Looks like a Sammy-branded virtual reality headset is a dead-cert for a pre-crimbo reveal...

Samsung's VR headset has been leaked in a new photo, and could be set for a reveal in mere weeks, according to a report by The Verge.

The headset is apparently being developed under the codename 'Project Moonlight', and will function like 'Google's Cardboard.'

"Samsung will be showing its rumoured virtual reality headset at its upcoming product event in early September,The Verge has learned," reads the report.

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From what we can see of the leaked headset photo, it appears the 'Moonlight' makes use of two large lenses, a focus dial on top, and has the usual straps.

It's also very likely to use a micro USB port to connect with a Samsung handset, although that's just speculation based on earlier leaks.

We've already heard back in June that Oculus was working on a VR project with Samsung, and earlier this month it was discovered that the Rift Dev Kit 2 actually made use of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 displays as lenses.

A concept for a Samsung headset was leaked last month, revealing a device that would make use of a pre-existing handset to act as the screen.

It's expected that Samsung will unveil its VR kit at this year's IFA trade show in Berlin, which will run from the 5th to the 10th of September.

There's also a good chance Sammy will launch its Galaxy Note 4at the event too, alongside the rumoured Gear Solo smartwatch.

Source TheVerge

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