Samsung working on eye-watering 2,000ppi screens - coming to a new Gear VR?

No more sickness in VR could be the result

Samsung is reportedly working on new screens for its next Gear VR headset that will do away with nausea thanks to a super high resolution screen.

Industry insiders claim the new screen will be able to offer an eye-melting 2,000ppi resolution. That should mean that when using it in the next Gear VR headset, despite being close to the wearer’s eyes, these screens will still look and feel real. 

Samsung claims that once you break the 1,000ppi resolution mark the human eye will no longer suffer issues related to realism.

When you think that the highest resolution small screen on the market from Samsung is currently 570ppi in the Galaxy S8, this is a huge leap forward. But if Samsung wants VR to work it’s a jump that’s needed. 

Right now putting a VR headset on can lead to nausea and nearly always offers a pixelated picture. Sure you can watch Netflix on a virtual large screen via the Gear VR but it’s so pixelated who would want to do that over watching their own TV? The new headset could change that, possibly even replacing TVs in some cases.

The new super high resolution OLED screens are expected to appear in the next Samsung Gear VR headset that should get revealed alongside the Galaxy S9 next year.

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