Amazing Samsung TV deal: get the best TV in the world and get a FREE soundbar from John Lewis!

Get a free soundbar worth £299 when you buy the Samsung Q90R – the TV we rate as the best money can buy

Samsung TV deal
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If you're looking for a mind-blowing TV on an excellent deal, may we direct you to none other than the Samsung Q90R – which we currently rate as the best TV you can splash your cash on – because John Lewis is offering a free Samsung soundbar with the TV, worth £299.

•Buy the Samsung Q90R 55-inch from John Lewis with free soundbar for £1,699
•Buy the Samsung Q90R 65-inch from John Lewis with free soundbar for £1,899

In our Samsung Q90R review, we said the TV "takes QLED past OLED with superb HDR dynamics and a host of smart features" – and it won the T3 Award as the best TV of last year!

The Samsung Q90R is a QLED TV with an ultra-bright backlight behind its 4K display, which gives it dazzlingly vibrant HDR colours. But it can also dim areas of the backlight with precision, meaning that dark areas look truly dark, unlike cheaper LCD TVs.

The result is, simply, the most spectacular TV we've seen yet for movies and TV shows – especially because it's adept at upscaling lower-quality footage to look excellent in 4K, and at giving SDR content some of the extra pop and realism of HDR.

And in these times of being stuck indoors with need of distraction, the fact that it's also an excellent display for gaming helps – it has some of the lowest levels of input lag we've ever measured, meaning there's no delay from when you press a button to when you see the result on-screen.

One of its few weaknesses is that the audio quality is merely average, but John Lewis is fixing that by throwing in a Samsung HW-R550 soundbar, worth £299! This soundbar optimises its audio for the type of content you're watching – making sure speech can be heard in quiet scenes, for example – and has a wireless subwoofer for giving actions scenes extra punch.

Samsung QE55Q90R | Buy for £1,699 with a FREE soundbar from John Lewis
Its incredible QLED screen makes this the best 4K TV you can buy, and it's an even better buy with a free sound upgrade. It's packed with connectivity and smart streaming features, as well as advanced image quality tech. This is the 55-inch version. To get your free soundbar, follow the instructions on the John Lewis page.View Deal

Samsung QE65Q90R | Buy for £1,899 with a FREE soundbar from John Lewis
All the same benefits we've talked about, but this time in the 65-inch version. To get your free soundbar, follow the instructions on the John Lewis page.View Deal

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