Get Samsung's best 4K TV picture quality for just £999 in this Currys TV deal

The 50-inch Samsung QN94A 4K TV is an astounding deal for movie or game lovers at this price

Samsung QN94A on coloured background
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Want a high-end TV at a reasonable size for an affordable price? This Samsung TV deal at Currys is ready to tick all your boxes: you can get the 50-inch Samsung QN94A Neo QLED 4K TV for just £999 now at Currys, saving you £250.

Check out the Samsung QN94A at Currys for £999

The Samsung QN94A has effectively the same screen tech as the Samsung QN95A – which we gave five stars to and generally raved about in our full Samsung QN95A review. It's not just one of the best Samsung TVs available today, it's one of the best TVs of any kind.

The difference between the QN94A and the QN95A is about design: the QN95A has all of its connections and processing in a separate One Connect box, leaving just a super-slim screen. The QN94A has all of this tech behind the screen, like basically all other TVs, so not much of a downside!

(We should mention that the QN94A and QN95A are 2021 TVs, and the latter has now been supplanted by a new 2022 model, the Samsung QN95B. But given that this new TV starts from £2,700, you can see what a bargain the QN94A here is.)

Samsung QN94A 50-inch 4K TV | Was £1,249 | Now £999 at Currys

Samsung QN94A 50-inch 4K TV | Was £1,249 | Now £999 at Currys
Save £250 on this Neo QLED 4K TV, with Samsung's highest-end image processing, incredible HDR thanks to mini-LED lighting, next-gen gaming features over HDMI 2.1, and impressive sound from its array of speakers. This delivers far brighter images than OLED TVs can manage, while offering the best LCD TV contrast ever from its more advanced panel. And the design is super-sleek, too.

The trick the QN94A's excellent image quality is the mini-LED backlight, combined with Samsung's QLED tech – Samsung calls this mixture 'Neo QLED'. Mini-LED means what it sounds like: much, much smaller lights are used to create the brightness in the image, which means more lights can be used. That means a ton of brightness in a slim screen, but it also means the backlight can be dimmed in specific zones more precisely for better black levels and stronger contrast. It makes this TV a beast when it comes to HDR – the range it can hit between bright and dark, as well its huge colour depth from the QLED tech, make it stunningly realistic.

That great for movies and TV, but gamers will absolutely love this as well: one of its four HDMI ports supports HDMI 2.1, including VRR and 4K 120Hz, making this one of the best gaming TVs for next-gen consoles.

There are other sizes available of this TV, which you can browse if you click through to the Currys site above, but it's the 50-inch model that really impressed us in this deal. It's perfect for people who want a premium home cinema experience but don't have tons of space, and it now scrapes under the £1,000 barrier.

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