Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra could be the first smartwatch with a Micro LED display

Samsung could even beat the Apple Watch in getting a Micro LED smartwatch to market

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 press photos
(Image credit: Samsung)

One of the most hotly anticipated changes in the smartwatch world is the introduction of Micro LED display technology. That's been rumoured for a long time among some of the top devices on the market, and new information suggests it could be closer than we expected.

Much of the talk thus far has revolved around the Apple Watch series – specifically the Apple Watch Ultra. However, it now looks like that range might be pipped to the post by a future Samsung Galaxy Watch.

That's according to a rumour from reputable tech tipster, Tech_Reve. The news was shared on Reve's Twitter account, with the information coming direct from Samsung themselves. It said, "Samsung has officially announced [...] that they are considering expanding the application of Micro LED to small displays, such as smartwatches. There is a possibility that Micro LED may be applied to a new lineup called 'Galaxy Watch Ultra.'"

While the naming convention for that model is a little speculative, it's not hard to guess what is being referred to. It certainly sounds like a direct competitor to the Apple Watch Ultra from the Korean outfit.

If it proves true, that could mark a significant addition to the Samsung smartwatch range. While their regular models sit pretty much in parity with the Apple offering, they have yet to offer a model which could go toe-to-toe with the Ultra.

Kicking off that model family with a Micro LED display would be a major statement of intent from the brand. It would mark a significant step up in quality for the industry as a whole, and being first to market with it would be a big milestone for them.

Of course, there is no timeline given for such a model to be released. Given that we haven't long had the new watch range from the brand, it's unlikely to be anytime soon. That's also true because of the relative infancy of the news itself. This is the first time we've heard anything close to a concrete rumour on this spec, which suggests any product may be very early in the development phase.

Still, it's an exciting prospect. We'll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled for more information on this in the coming weeks and months.

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