Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, in the latest issue of T3!

All the best bits of shiny new tech that are speeding your way

The cover of T3 357, featuring the coverline 'Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra'.
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The new issue of T3 is here, offering you a double-bill of trailblazing tech to get your teeth into.

Offering game-changing immersive content, 4K-per-eye displays and innovative controls, the Vision Pro feels like a slam dunk. Conversely, if you’re more of a fan of Samsung, check out our review of the game-changing Galaxy S24 Ultra, with its gorgeous titanium build and trailblazing AI features.

But there’s a lot more on offer in the latest issue. Our expert reveals why the newly released Apple Vision Pro is 2024’s must-have gadget, we discuss what makes the Sony X95L TV a mini-LED master, we celebrate jaw-dropping, incoming essential tech in our brand new gadget wishlist and much more!

Explore more of what you'll find in the issue just below!

What’s inside the latest T3?

In the latest issue of T3, you’ll find:

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra rated – will 2024 see an Android phone with a better build and screen than this one?
  • Apple Vision Pro – T3’s expert gives her verdict on the launch of Apple’s potentially revolutionary invention
  • Sony X95L reviewed –  Sony leaps into the future with this TV’s blazing pictures
  • Ultimate gadget wishlist – exciting new tech we can’t wait to get our hands on
  • Philips Fidelio L4 tested – give your ears a treat with these cans’ big, warm sound
  • Massive workout powerups – turn yourself into a prime piece of beef with these treadmills, trackers, bikes and more
  • Leica Sofort 2 rated – an instant camera for 2024, this is a stylish little snapper that’s easy to use
  • Tailor your sound for every room – every room in your house can host a symphony with these beauties around
  • The complete guide to bean-to-cup coffee machines – why they’re a godsend for caffeine lovers

And so much more!

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