Samsung Galaxy S21 deal: get up to 20% off at Amazon

Big savings on Samsung's latest phone at Amazon when you buy the handset upfront

Samsing S21 Deals
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Want to save money on a fancy new phone? In the long run, it makes sense to buy the phone upfront. Sure, you'll pay more immediately, but your monthly costs will be less because you aren't paying the phone off month to month. 

You have to buy an unlocked phone, though: one that is not locked to any particular phone network. Like, say, these great deals from Amazon on the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S21, where this top-of-the-line phone is up to 20% off.

Samsung Galaxy S21 (128GB): was $799.99, now $699 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S21 (128GB): was $799.99, now $699 at Amazon
Save 13% on the base-level S21 model with 128GB of memory. That isn't a lot, but if you are going to be streaming your music and movies to the phone rather than storing them on the phone itself, getting one with less memory is a great way to save money. 

Samsung Galaxy S21+ (128GB):  was $999.99, now $799.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S21+ (128GB): was $999.99, now $799.99 at Amazon
Save 20% on the larger Galaxy S21+. This model features a 6.7-inch screen rather than the 6.2-inch of the standard S21, though it still has the same triple camera array, 8K video, 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (256GB): was $1249.99, now $1049.99 at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (256GB): was $1249.99, now $1049.99 at Amazon
If top-of-the-line is more your thing, the Samsung S21 Ultra is 16% off. This model features a bigger screen and doubles the memory of the standard S21. It's perfect for watching movies on the road or making your own with the 8K camera. This deal saves you $200 from the price you would usually pay if you bought it directly from the phone company. 

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